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Design x Business | The intersection of Design & Business

20. February 2016 Comments (0) Views: 2508 Interviews

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“DxB is like – The perfect couple complementing each other!”

Tino Klaehne, Design Strategist – N+P Industrial Design


DxB – What is your experience?

Synergies and potential are not yet used to their full extent. There is a need for a mutual understanding. Designers and business people need to become more empathetic to leverage on their collaborations. Business people need to be open and willing to listen and learn from designers, who can create value based on their external, differentiated view and complementing capabilities. On the other side designers need to become business savvy to fully understand their client’s needs to come up with relevant solutions.

If each side takes a step towards the other – both sides win.


DxB – What drives innovation?

Today’s competitive circumstances require companies to innovate on a constant basis, which is only possible in the right environment. Sustaining innovation within a company is hard effort and needs dedication and commitment from all stakeholders. Design already is a valuable partner contributing to innovation initiatives by framing problems, identifying opportunities and making  visions tangible. However planning the initiative itself, choosing methods, setting and contributers is not yet done collaboratively. Innovation originates from collaboration of all business units. Every idea needs execution to may become an innovation – this demands buy-in from the whole company. Innovation is not a department but a collaboratively achieved result.

People and attitude drive innovation!

No innovation without innovation culture!


DxB – What is the future?

In the future we will see organizations, with design deeply embedded in their DNA, also represented in the C-Level. More designers will help to navigate the uncomfortable and lead innovation efforts by framing problems and crafting strategies to overcome business challenges. Once the strategic value of design is perceived broadly we can shift from a lipstick on pigs mentality to a new way of doing business, incubated by design.

Design is not a cost – it’s an investment!


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