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19. February 2016 Comments (0) Views: 2351 Interviews

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“DxB is like – A board game!”

Phong Duy Vu, Head of Design – De´Longhi Braun Household GmbH


DxB – What is your experience?

In the corporate world – every time when design and business meet it is different and similar to starting from scratch – even with the same stakeholders and team constellations. Different aspects are questioned and recomposed. Even though the rules of the game are not changing – the dices fall differently.


DxB – What drives innovation?

The term innovation is used in many (maybe too many) different contexts – also in the context of design. Certainly innovation has many facets and the degree of innovation is perceived differently if you look from different angles and with different objectives to it.

Each company has its own pace of process in regard to innovation. Every innovation effort needs 100% buy-in – otherwise failure is bound to occur. Personally I believe innovation needs passion & latitude. .


DxB – What is the future?

“Future needs heritage” – Odo Marquard

The future is like a black hole – many companies do research and market analysis – but this always includes a historical dimension.
Today we try to understand the past to predict the future.
There is no guaranteed future! The future depends on the quality of the decisions we take today. From a consumer perspective we will shift towards an increased motiv of self-determination and human-centric decision taking.

Customers seek an evolution of sense and value – looking for meaningful products and experiences.



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