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19. February 2016 Comments (0) Views: 1149 Interviews

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“DxB is – Not necessarily a contradiction! ”

Marc Wiefel, VP Marketing – BSH – Neff Europe + Global


DxB – What is your experience?

In the first place it sounds like a contradiction; in our industry we see big target groups that are willing to pay more for design than for product features. So, design is vital for business success depending on the category!

As mentioned aleady: it is vital for the success of our built-in products. But we are coming from > 45 years of product focus, so in many cases our people still believe in product innovations only. Today they are still right, but most probably not tomorrow.


DxB – What drives innovation?

People drive innovation. If a company focuses on innovation and wants to become even innovation leader, it will happen. Unless you do not hire the right people and allocate the budgets.


DxB – What is the future?

There are only two choices: or you go for quantity and the price leader. Or you go the way to be a specialist with added value products. Or, you go the Apple way: especially well designed products with quite low feature differentiation but a great Design. Result: nearly market leader, great margins and growth rate, symbol of success & and state-of-the-art design.








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