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Design x Business | The intersection of Design & Business

19. February 2016 Comments (0) Views: 908 Interviews

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“DxB is like – Running a race with both legs!”

Katharina Mayer, Product Designer – N+P Industrial Design


DxB – What is your experience?

Bluntly said, designers were often perceived as a nuisance in some more conservative companies – always searching for ways to improve, questioning the norm and trying to turn everything upside down. This is changing! The positive influence of design (thinking) in business is being recognized and already given a high priority.

Isn’t the goal of both business and design to create holistic product and service concepts that not only make life better but also sell? Just like it doesn’t make sense to participate in a race hopping on one leg – business simply makes no sense without design and vice versa.


DxB – What drives innovation?

The drive for innovation can be fueled by anyone (business man, designer, nurse …etc.) who recognizes a problem and dares to search for solutions – thus striving to improve the quality of life for people. Whether or not they achieve this goal, depends on communication, teamwork and being open to listen and learn from the other fields.

If you are running a race hopping on one leg, you might get there in the end, but you will be exhausted and probably not win…
So make use of both legs!


DxB – What is the future?

The world is getting smaller and the distances are disappearing through the internet. This is a double-edged sword considering the mind-blowing amount of competitors but at the same time new markets are becoming accessible in addition to the possibility to comfortably learn and discuss topics worldwide.

While professions are merging, lateral thinkers will play an essential role and encourage cross-disciplinary communication.


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