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“DxB is like – Gin & Tonic!”

Dr. Julia Bauer, Intrapreneurship & Business Design – Fraunhofer Venture


DxB – What is your experience?

In my day to day work I encounter different intersections where design and business mingle or should mingle (we are working on that!). There is still room for improvement. In a perfect world we would have teams of designers, business people, engineers and other disciplines working together on innovation projects – not building a momentum to themselves, but taking on a human-centered approach and creating something important to society.


DxB – What drives innovation?

People! Entrepreneurial people with diverse backgrounds who challenge the status quo are for me the most important driver for innovative new technologies, products or services.


DxB – What is the future?

Design principles will get even more important in business – be it in the design of new organizations or in the direction established ones take. Both disciplines mingling even more (and with others as well) will create better outcomes for design, business as well as for society in the future.



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